The Charitou family has been active from generation to generation in the area of production and standardization of the extra virgin olive oil which it produces with the purest means.

Twenty kilometers from Koroni and at an altitude of 300 m is Militsa - Aipeias. The location, climatic conditions, soil and altitude determine the taste and aroma of the olive oil. In our olive groves we cultivate exclusively the Koronei variety of olive trees.

Militsa Messinias

Militsa is a picturesque village of Messinia with exceptional natural beauty, built at an altitude of 300 meters. It is 51.2 km from the city of Kalamata (the capital of Messinia), 21.7 km from Koroni and only 11.8 km from the "Cosmopolitan" palm grove which has become one of the two most important tourist resorts Messinias together with the stupa in Messinian Mani. It is also adjacent to the village of Chranon which is also an important tourist destination.

Hidden between the mountains, Militsa seduces with its wonderful view. It is a unique opportunity for respite and recreation for the hiker and a wonderful refuge for peace and rest. Its inhabitants, strong people, maintain a very picturesque village with old well-preserved houses.

Militsa, like the neighboring village of Logga, during the revolution of 1821, became a stronghold of the rebel Greeks who tried to stop Ibrahim's advance. In Militsa, Drinis, Dariotis, and Pilafas fought with their lads for long hours against Ibrahim.